One More Time…

The new Blink-182 album “One More time” has dropped. Here's what I think about the 17 tracks. 


The third anthem so far. With “Anthem” from “Enema of the State” And “Anthem Part Two” from “Take Off Your Pants And Jacket”. Part 3 definitely has a similar feel to "Part Two," sounding very similar starting off a bit slow, but then it just kicks off with some hard and fast drums. Overall, a very classic Blink song.


Is a super fun song that starts off with a guitar lick and basic drum beat, but then it builds up to a super catchy chorus. It’s followed by a pretty break in the song. Then it kicks it back up to 100 to close out the song with the catchy chorus.


Is a fun, pop-like song about falling in love. Definitely a newer kind of sound for Blink. I enjoyed the lyrics, and they are pretty catchy, but the drums in this song is something that just brings it to a new level and I really enjoyed it. It would've been a bit boring if it was anyone else drumming besides Travis Barker.


Is definitely one of my favorites on this album. Starting off with a fuzzy guitar riff intro that really hooked me into the song. It then goes into a quieter bit with Delonge singing and Barker drumming. The chorus comes in with fuzzy/distorted vocals and less fuzzy guitar, followed by a break with more amazing drumming from Barker.


A super chill and kind of sad song. Asking why it took a plane crash that Barker endured and Mark Hoppus’ cancer for them to get back together. Overall, I enjoyed it.


Starts off with a melodic piano, then goes to this superfast part that I enjoy. It also features a double kick drum that I thought was pretty cool. Definitely a newer Blink sound.


A super quick 23 second song. Classic punk rock.


Starts off with a very Blink-182 sounding guitar intro. In the chorus, they messed up the alignment on Delonge's vocals. They cut it off short once or twice. They also added this weird effect to the vocals on Delonge's parts in the chorus, but it sounded cool.


They released this song last year kind of teasing the fans that there was something they were cooking up in the studio. It's not my favorite on the album, but it's alright. Nothing really stood out to me. (Drums were good, as always.)


“YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'VE GOT”- This song talks about how you should be grateful for the people around you, and not take people for granted. The song starts off with some cool fills from Barker that are also throughout the song. A little boring musically, but the lyrics really spoke to me. Specifically at the 2:13 mark “I begged for your forgiveness, i made a deal with God, I took you all for granted”


This song is definitely one of my favorites on the album. Super uplifting sound with a synth melody throughout


This is 100% my favorite song on the album. Super catchy, super fun drumming and guitar. With mini breakdowns after the chorus, it gives me “What's My Age Again” vibes lyrically- super catchy. They both talk about falling out of love.


Another short song with a runtime of 81 seconds. It starts off with an ominous sounding piano, with Delonge and Barker singing.


A sad but funny song. It talks about a broken man and trying to find different ways to become like other people. It also features some Delonge comedy. Definitely one of my favorites.


This song is also one of my favorites, just falling second to “BAD NEWS.” This is super catchy; catchy lyrics, drums, guitar. Everything about it I just loved. I think this song is talking about how Hoppus never really wanted to play another concert with Delonge, Hoppus felt like they became the kind of friends that you can only get coffee with.


The last track on the album starts off with a Lofi feel. The best way to describe it is if punk and lofi had a baby. This song lyrically is kind of sad, it talks about how time has passed so fast, that they all kind of forgot who they were.

One More Time, is a mix of old and new, Blink-182 with songs like “BAD NEWS” sounding classic, and “BLINK WAVE” sounding new. Definitely a top three album for Blink-182. I will 100% be listening to these songs for a while, and I hope you do too.