Mindfulness Month

Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of your thoughts, feelings, and body without judgment. Mindfulness helps with stress, anxiety, depression, energy, focus, confidence, and relaxation. Lastly, mindfulness is about focusing on the present, and how you feel at that moment rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. 

Here at Mesa, March is mindfulness month, and I recommend that you take this opportunity to take a couple minutes each day to just focus on your breathing. It doesn’t have to be at school, you could even take five minutes of your day and put it towards mindful meditation before school or after school. Follow along youtube videos are very helpful for learning how to do mindful meditation. They commonly focus on deep breathing, and helping you not let your mind wander to the worries of life. There are also apps that you can download that help you learn how to become a mindful master! 

Research proves that stress can make you age, and even die quicker than someone who is relaxed and has a positive mindset. If you stress a lot, mindful meditation is that first step to take in order to become a calm and happy person. So, I hope you take Mindful March as an opportunity to start your mindfulness journey. It might be hard to keep your focus on the meditation at first, but keep on trying and practicing. It’s so worth it!