Joseph A. Ortega The Young Musician

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Joseph A. Ortega The Young Musician

By : Jose Bravo | April 25, 2019

One of the rooms in Costa Mesa Middle / High school is the band room, which is a big soundproof room with lots of chairs, music stands, and instruments. When you walk into this room, you can hear the flutes, clarinets,trumpets, drums, saxophones and many other instruments practicing for a new song or rehearsing. You will see every student sitting in their own area based on what instrument they use. People that are passionate about music will be in the band and one of those people is Joseph A. Ortega.

Ortega who is currently 15 years old, has been in band since 7th grade and is currently in 10th grade. “I got into band because many of my friends were picking it and it seemed interesting to me” Ortega said. Since he has been in beginning band when he first started, he had the opportunity to go and perform at Knotts Berry Farm but it wasn’t their first band performance. Ortega said “ I was nervous and scared when we had our first performance, I mean we were in beginning band and any of us

could easily mess up.” Now, he is in marching band which he has gone to compete with other schools around the state, they have gone to the finals and have won trophies. Marching band is a class considered as “zero” period which means he has to practice before school officially starts with the first class. Having a “zero” period takes a lot of time and effort waking up early but Ortega pulls it off.

When he goes to his “zero” period, they are on the Mustang Field practicing their formations for big events such as competition and games such as the Football Battle of the Bell vs Estancia. The marching band takes people who have a passion and have years of experience and Ortega has had the experience since 7th grade. Ortega loves marching band and plans to continue throughout his high school years.

When he isn’t in band, he can be found playing his guitar or listening to heavy rock which is his favorite type of genre of music. “ I started to listen to heavy rock because my uncle would play it alot and I got curious and started to listen to it” said Ortega  and heavy rock is something not everyone is into, “Nowadays other people my age listen to rap and hip hop but that isn’t really my thing.” If Ortega had his own music production company he would produce rock because he said “ rock is what I’m really into. “

Ortega enjoys being in band/marching band for being able to create music, being able to go to places, and overall have fun. He sends an invitation to people who are on the edge on taking band or marching band, “ People who are interested in music, want to know how to use an instrument,want to experienced something new and have time for it come and join marching band”

Joseph A. Ortega

Hometown: Costa Mesa

Height: 5”7

Year: Sophomore

Favorite Fast Food: Chipotle