Iowa Caucus

The first round of voting for Iowa Caucus Goers began on February 3, 2020. The caucuses is the process of nominating a Democratic presidential candidate who will fight against Donald Trump in the end. 

The race is made up of a bunch of contests called primaries and caucuses. These will take place in all 50 states. The parties will then pick their nominee. 

Their goal in these contests is to get a lot of support from their voters which interprets to a bunch of delegates. The delegate’s jobs are to nominate a presidential candidate in July and August at the party conventions. 

The word "caucus'' literally means “gatherings of neighbors”. They usually take place at schools, churches, public libraries, and even someone’s house.

During the Iowa Caucuses, they gave voters two choices. Choice number one was the old school way which was to call the people that count the nominations and tell them who the nominated. 

The other way is that the voters could use a new fancy app but, there was a big surprise everyone called on the phone instead of using the app. So the disaster was that the people that count the nominations used to have a lot of phones and it would be efficient.

 Now they got rid of the phones so now they have been on the same exact phones for two days waiting for people to call. This method is not efficient at all and is time consuming.

The first round of voting’s final votes have not been released due to the failure of the app. So far Buttigieg is in the lead with Sanders following closely behind. 

And Warren coming in third leaving Biden and Klobuchar at the end of the list. Buttigieg is in the lead in 60 counties in Iowa while Sanders leads in 16 counties in Iowa.

Many say that Buttigieg is very likely to win, Sanders is barely even able to win, and that Biden and Warren are hard to imagine winning Iowa. The race is on and it's a hard one. Who will win Iowa?