Game Review: Buccaneers vs Falcons

Fire the cannons! The Buccaneers are back for football this Sunday, but what should we expect? Will Baker bounce back? Will Evans hit 100+ yards? We shall find out now.


Heading into game week 7, the Buccaneers were looking to bounce back from a tough loss to the Detroit Lions, and move into 1st place of the NFC south. However, adversity would show as the Buccaneers took a heavy and tough loss to division rivals, the Atlanta Falcons.


In previous seasons, the Bucs never had an issue handling the Falcons, with their last 6 meetings resulting in cannons firing and the Buccaneers seizing a win from the birds. But old habits must change, as poor offense and lapse of concentration in the defense would cost the Buccaneers a crucial win.


Heading into this game, the Bucs held a record of 3 wins and 2 losses. A win in this game would not only bring them to the top of their division, but it would also boost their chances to reach the NFL playoffs by more than 40%. A loss, however, would keep them at 2nd and lower their chances of playing playoff football by 30%.


In the early stages of the game, slow and methodical plays were being called as both teams were trying to figure out the other's game plan, and the first quarter would end 7-7 with a touchdown shared by each team. Veteran and star wide receiver, Mike Evans, caught a bomb, 40 yard touchdown to tie the game up at the end of the first quarter.


The game would heat up in the 2nd quarter, though, as the Falcons quarterback would fumble the football and the Bucs would take the lead 10-7.

At halftime, the Bucs did look to be in control with a tie of 10-10, however, they were heavily struggling with the Falcons all star rookie running back, Bijan Robinson, and their suffocating defense.


Throughout the 2nd half if where the Buccaneers showed true offensive flaws. The Falcons coughed up the football an extra two times while being in scoring positions, but the Bucs’ offense simply couldn’t capitalize on the mistakes and would throw an interception after one fumble, and only scoring a field goal on the other.


Late in the 4th quarter, the score was tied at 13-13 and the game looked to be going into overtime, but the Bucs’ defense gives up for one play and allows the Falcons to score a huge play, setting them up for a game ending field goal.

What does this mean for the Buccaneers after a tough loss? It means their offense needs to stop making pity plays, and step up for the team when their defense sets them up to score.