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Middle School Dance

With the past decade ending, ASB dance commission and student council decided that they wanted to celebrate our childhoods in style. The “Dancing Through The Decades” dance will be Friday, January 17th, 2020. You’ll be able to purchase a ticket on January 13th up till the actual dance itself, as long as you have your..

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Spirit Competition

ASB and it’s members will be hosting a spirit competition. A spirit competition is a competition where one student in every third period class will participate in an activity. The spirit competition will be a rock paper scissors hula hoop hybrid. The competition will be on Thursday, January 16th in the middle school quad during..

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The Secret of Social Media

How much are you on social media? Do you spend more than 2 hours on Snapchat or Instagram? The ultimate secret of depression and anxiety is Social Media. Studies have shown that time spent on social media has been linked to depression and anxiety. According to Science Direct "We surveyed a nationally-representative sample of 1787..

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What’s Going On At OCC

What's Going On At OCC We’ve all seen the construction and we’ve all heard the noise. But, what is really going on?  As you know (or if you didn’t), Orange Coast College is remodeling and constructing new buildings. One of these very important buildings is the housing center, or on-campus housing, for OCC students. OCC..

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Vip Week Wrap UP

Vip Week Wrap UP Last week was middle school VIP week and it did not end up great for ASB. ASB only sold 85 tickets while expecting to sell the normal 200 or so. The VIP week was: Monday - 2 free Club Mav rewards to use throughout that day, Tuesday had hot chocolate at..