5 Reasons The Lakers Should Trade Danny Green

1. He's overpaid


I mean, come on. He's getting paid $15 million to shoot threes and play defense. 

2. He can't shoot threes


For a man who is getting paid to do just this thing, he's had a very underwhelming performance, shooting 2-6 in game three of the finals and 0-4 in game two.

3. He can't play defense


In a crucial game number 5, which would win the Lakers the championship, Green gave up a whopping 26 points and 7 threes to an undrafted rookie, Duncan Robinson. 

4. He still has value to other teams


Regardless whether he does nothing for the Lakers or not, he would still be a viable asset in trade talks before his stats get worse with age. 

5. He missed a shot that would've won them the finals


Green missed this open shot after a pass from Lebron that virtually set him up for gold. This miss ended up losing the Lakers the game, which would have contributed to their 17th championship win to their already 16.