2023 NHL All-Star Game

It's finally time for the finest players in the NHL to come together in a match of the best. On February 4th in the sunny, humid, state of Florida at the FLA LIVE ARENA, the best players from every team in the NHL will squad up into 4 teams. 

Players and fans choose the teams. Players out of the Atlantic Division, the Metropolitan Division, the Central Division, and the Pacific Division are up for grabs, and the NHL's Hockey Operations Department chooses seven skaters and one goaltender for each of the four divisional rosters. Fans choose the other seven players through the “Fan Vote” on nhl.com.  So, make sure to vote for your favorite players.  

The first official All-Star game was held during the 1947-1948 NHL season. The NHL held games that were like All star games, but they weren't official. If you want to watch, you can! 

Watch the game through The ABC broadcast and a simulcast on ESPN+.