Jazz and EDM?

OC Artist of the Year finalist and jazz guitarist, Joseph Hufford, and signed EDM artist, Julian Torres released an unlikely collaboration. It's a clash between house EDM music, and jazz. It may seem weird on paper, but the differences in the two genres combined is something I've never heard of before, and I really enjoyed it.

I asked the two artists some questions about themselves and the about the collab. Here’s what they had to say:

Me - "What did you guys make?"

Torres - "We made a song together… He played guitar and I made the beat."

Me - "How did you guys start the making of Soul?"

Torres - "I made the beat like a year ago like May 2023, I was just sitting on it, and I'm like, 'I want someone to play on this,' so I remember I had it and I think December last year I showed him (Hufford) and I'm like, 'Hey, want to play guitar over this?'"

Hufford - "Yea, I was stoked!"

Me - "Why Soul as the name?"

Torres - "No story behind it, just a soulful song."

Me - "Tell me a little bit about yourselves and how you started."

Torres - "I've been surrounded by house since I was like two years old, so I started producing and DJing at the age of 14, I had my first release when I was 16, I released it on my friend Sam’s label— shout out to Sam. I've been DJing all around Orange County and a little in San Diego. I played a festival last month called Electro Fest."

Me - "Do you have any new releases coming out soon?"

Torres - "Yes. I'm doing a remix in May I'm doing for this record label in San Diego. Then in June I'm releasing for this record label in San Diego Called Fireworks. I actually got invited to a boat party for that release, but I'll be out of town for that."

Expect a lot of work from Torres, he also has releases set for July and August.

Me - "Hufford, tell me about yourself."

Hufford - "I've played guitar since covid, and I've always loved classical music. I got to into jazz a little bit after I started playing guitar, and then I just started playing guitar like every day and I never put it down. And then I made an album that's just guitar because I love guitar. It's called “Coping Without Words”. And then now I'm working on a folk album."

Me - "Is there a set release date for this folk album?"

Hufford - "No, there is not. But I'm pretty deep into it."