As the coronavirus continues to spread throughout our country, parents, educators, and students are hoping to go back to school. But, under these conditions, it may be mandatory for students to get the Covid19 vaccine. 

According to EducationWeek, lawmakers are still deciding whether to let their families choose to get the vaccine or not due to the swaths of the public being very hesitant about receiving the new vaccine. 

If the public did decide to force people to take the vaccine, there would be some restrictions, as students must be at least 12 years old before getting it. 

Another reason people are not guaranteeing anything yet is because they are worried that immediately mandating that children receive the new vaccines may backfire. Even parents who generally support the science behind the vaccines are still unsure because they are inoculating their children with something new. 

Lawmakers cannot make a decision yet. They still have questions: how long will it protect people? How effective will it be in children? Will there be potential rare and/or long-lasting side effects?

“The resistance to the HPV vaccine lingers even today, despite the vaccine’s strong track record on effectiveness and safety,” said Kelly Moore, the Associate Director for Immunization Education. 

Until the public and government can agree on making a decision, schools will continue protecting their students as best as they can with social distancing and face masks.