What You Missed At Club Rush

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Club-Rush has been a Costa Mesa High School tradition for 13 years. The main point of the event is to introduce all the clubs here on campus to interested students and to raise money to fund their activities throughout the year. After Club-Rush, the student leaders of the club must give the money to ASB, the people who handle their finances.  Every club has their own prices because the adviser of said club, along with its participants, must come up with set prices depending on the food they sell. Another thing to notice is the variety of foods you will find when attending Club-Rush. No two clubs will sell the same food, however once a club chooses a food item/place, they get to keep selling it year after year.

This year the events happened on Thursday September 26th and Friday September 27th during lunch. Thursday was the day to get all the information about each and every club whereas  Friday was the day clubs sold food as a fundraiser for each club.

Clubs that participated:

Latino Culture- A way for students to connect with other students that are interested in exploring their latino culture.

Asian Culture club- A way for students to connect with one another and explore their culture.

Big Brother and Big Sister-  A wonderful program that recruits high schoolers to help children in elementary with not only education skills but social skills

c/o 2020- The class of 2020 that help ASB with planning events.

Garden Club- Do you have a green thumb and also find gardening peaceful? Well then come join the garden club. They plant fruits and delicious veggies; so don't miss out. 

Dance Team- This is not only a club, but it is also a class. Auditions for the team will be held in the Spring. The team does a lot of activities throughout the year so be prepared. 

National Junior HS- A school wide program that helps junior high students with education and gives them an opportunity to go above and beyond.

CMHS Choirs- Did you know that the CMHS choir is going to New York? They sing and dance, so join the class with Mr. Lindforce. 

Mock Trial- If you are ever interested in being in the legal department, join mock trial! You get a chance to go to real courthouses and solve a case with in a national competition.

Chess Club- If you want to learn and or want to just play just chess come on down. You can even make new friends.

GSA- This club is a LGBTQ ally club that brings people together, answers questions, and gives you a safe place to just be you!

AV Club- If you like films or writing a script, then join the AV club. A place to talk about movies and learn how to use the camera equipment. 

Space Club- This a new club on campus that explores the galaxies that are beyond this world. Join them for heated discussions and a joy of wonder. 

He is Greater- This is a club to talk about god and how you should always find a place for him in your everyday life. Meet new friends, new passions, and a better understanding of what's after life.

CMHS Band- Do you play an instrument and are in 8-12 grade? Why not join the marching band? They perform at football games and basketball games throughout the year. Also the band plays at many marching competitions and made it to finals more than once. 

National Honor Society- This is a school wide program that helps high school students with college and gives them an opportunity to go above and beyond.

c/o 2021- The class of 2021 that help ASB with planning events 

Drama Club-  Apart from the drama class, you can join the drama club to get more involved with the school and explore career options in that field.

K-Pop Club- Do you like bands like BTS; if so come on down to join the K-Pop club. This is a place where you have a chance to meet others with the same interest. 

We care Club- A place where you can be you. Any issues with school or life go to the we care club. This is a place to meet different people and to make new friends.