Time To Apply For CSF

Calling all 10th, 11th, and 12th Graders! It’s the time of the year to apply for California Scholarship Federation (CSF). CSF is a type of honors society that looks at academic and community service achievements. 

If you happen to qualify, you can get special rewards and scholarships. It also looks really well on college applications. You also receive the gold seal of CSF on your diploma and are able to wear a gold sash during your graduation ceremony. 

Interested? Here are the requirements: you must be 10th, 11th, or in 12th grade using the grades from your fall semester of 2019. You must have at least 10 points based on the list of courses given at the school, at least 7 of those points must be from the first and second list, and 3 of these points must be from the third list. You may use 5 courses/classes (25 credits) to apply as well. You must have passing grades in all your subjects or you will be disqualified for the semester. You also must have good citizenship in all your subjects.  

All students looking forward to applying must turn in the application at the beginning of every semester, regardless of turning it in the previous semester. All you have to do is download the application below or get it from the highschool counseling office, and return it to Mrs. Gonzalez in the counseling office. 

Once approved, you will go to the ASB window with the application to pay a $5 CSF fee- seniors will pay $15. Your receipt will be stapled to the application and then you turn into mrs. Gonzalez in the counseling office again. Due date is Friday, March 20th, 2020!

Have questions? Email Mrs. Gonzalez at [email protected] or call 714-424-8791. 


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