Taylor Swift and the Chiefs

Taylor Swift has a very unique fan base that loves her with all of their hearts. Some might even say that they’re obsessed with her. Now, what if she were to date an NFL superstar? How would her fans react with her dating Kansas City tight end, Travis Kelce?

Taylor Swift is one of the most successful and popular music artists. She has won multiple Grammy Awards, sold over 13 million albums, and was even the youngest winner for a Grammy when she had gotten her first award for her first album at 20 years old.

Now we all know the Kansas City Chiefs, if not well, then here’s some insight on them. They have won three Super Bowls and three AFL championships. One of the Chief’s star players playing the tight end position has been one of the main reasons why the Chiefs were able to win two of their Super Bowls. 

Although Travis Kelce has made a huge impact on the team, it seems as if Taylor Swift has made just as big of an impact as he has. Taylor Swift’s fans, known as the “Swifties,” have been going berserk after they found out that Swift and Kelce are romantically involved with each other. 

The Swifties had even bet on the Chiefs because of their love for Taylor Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce. It is said here that overall bets on the Chiefs from week 3 to 4 had gone up by 27 percent. Travis Kelce jersey sales had risen by 400 percent, and there was also a 25 percent increase on total money line and spread bets. The audience for the Chiefs and Jets game rose to over 24 million. The news on TIkTok posted the ticket sales spiking up 175 percent, which had made it the second-highest selling game of the season. Because of the amount of tickets being sold, they had increased the price by 40 percent in hopes of having more Swifties come to the games. The TV viewership had risen 53 percent in teenage women, 24 percent in women ages 18 to 24, and 34 percent for women ages 35 and up. 

Taylor Swift’s overall influence on her fans plays a big role in the increase of sales and viewership of the Kansas City Chiefs. The Swifties' love for her has given the NFL the opportunity to raise their prices. It’s clear that this will be going on for the next upcoming Chief’s games, meaning more money for the NFL.