Police Response to Active Shooter Situation on “Morgan State University” Campus

Morgan State University was first founded in 1867. It first started as a private institution until 1939, when it was made public. According to the university, the state of Maryland purchased the school in response to a state study that determined that Maryland needed to provide more opportunities for black citizens.

On October 3rd, there was an ongoing call about an active shooter on the campus of Morgan State University. The Baltimore police were notified that, at first, the active shooting was near campus, not directly on campus. As it was further investigated, however, it was announced that the shooting was both on campus and also nearby. School officials sent out an alert for everyone to take shelter.

The shooting took place after Morgan State’s coronation, where Mr. and Miss Morgan State University were crowned. The event takes place before the school's homecoming each year. Eyewitnesses said they saw shots not long after the event ended, according to the breaking news video. 

According to the Baltimore police, at least 4 students were shot, but did not obtain any life- threatening injuries.  A suspect has not been located at this time. The university has canceled their upcoming homecoming for the first time in history. They also canceled all classes until further notice. There's still an investigation on why and what was the shooting about.