Mason Greenwood: Future England Star To Lowly Criminal?

Mason Greenwood is a England-born international player who was raised in Bradford, United Kingdom. 

He joined Manchester United's academy at the age of six after impressing the scouts who watched him. 

The Englishman would soon learn different skill sets to improve both of his feet in shooting power. In March 2019 Mason would finally make his debut for United in which they beat Paris Saint-Germain FC 3-1. PSG, at the time, was one of the most anticipated teams to go onto the final in the Champions League. The defeat was an astonishing one in the soccer world. 

The young player would soon shine for United and rack up 35 goals in 129 games. 

Although at first sight it may not seem like amazing statistics, but taking into consideration how he is only 20 years old, this is impressive for a heavily talented individual team like Manchester United. 

He has asserted himself as one Europe's biggest young talent. The forward is quick and electric and has impressive power with both feet. 

However, recent reports have brought out shocking news. 

The United striker has recently been accused of making threats to kill, rape and assault an unidentified woman. Videos and images were posted of a woman and what appeared to be him. He has recently been charged and arrested with these alleged threats. 

Before all of this, he was earning roughly around 75,00 euro a week - astounding pay for such a young individual. 

Although nothing has been confirmed on what he has done, he has been set free on bail following his arrest. 

He has also been terminated from his Nike contract and is no longer sponsored by them. There is still an ongoing investigation.