Come Find Some Check-MATES in Chess Club!

If you’ve been looking to join a club on campus, look no further than Mr. Piazza’s chess club!

The chess club meets officially on Wednesdays and Fridays at lunch, but Mr. Piazza invites you to drop by any day at lunch! You can bring a friend, pull down a board, and start playing.

From the chess club, you can expect to, of course, learn the ropes if you need to, meet new people, and above all, improve your chess skills! 

Mr. Piazza plans to hold two chess tournaments this year: a winter tournament and a spring tournament. These would be held in the art alley-- so keep an eye out for any announcements!

Mr. Piazza believes that chess is one of the greatest international games. “It’s amazing how you can play everywhere in the world with people who don’t even speak your language,” says Piazza. He’s played with strangers in Russia, Mexico, Spain, and New York, just by walking through local parks and finding people playing.

“Chess is just very satisfying,” he said, “you can’t measure skill on a scale from one to ten, it’s more like a scale from one to ten-thousand!”