Sunday, 23 February, 2020

Did the Stars Align at Homecoming 2019?

Costa Mesa High School’s Homecoming 2019 was an astronomical success! From the beginning of the night to the end, the entire dance was packed with food, games, and of course plenty of dancing.

Around 400 students attended, the entire gym packed, with the photo booth in the lower left corner- along with the ice cream truck and telescope outside the gym lobby. The entrance was pretty intimidating, students filing in like ants. Though, once you got in, the aura was warm and inviting, with savory smells and muffled music.

As a student attending, it was exciting for me to see the familiar school transformed into something like this. There was always something to do; if you were tired of dancing, theres food and ice cream on both entrances of the gym, as well as cornhole, Jenga, Connect Four, and video games. The food was actually really good, a great break from the music to talk to your friends.

Of course, the most important part of Homecoming is dancing, so what was the music like? The music was the perfect tempo to dance to, each song was recognizable and different. There were a ton of colorful lights and big screens displaying a graphic. The mob pit, although terrifying, was a fun addition- though I’m not sure that was the school’s idea. But don’t worry, there were plenty of teachers and officers monitoring the venue, the event was completely safe!

Overall, Homecoming 2019 was a night to remember! Thank you for attending!

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