• 8:41 am
  • Thursday
  • January 21, 2021

The May Show Is Coming

The Dance Teams May show coming into play. Many dancers at ,Costa Meesa Highschool, have this opportunity to show their interpretation of dreams and what it means to them. Months of prepping go into this show starting from right after the musical and possibly a bit before. You can see many dances from student calligraphed solos to group..

Jazz Cabaret Success!

The CMHS Jazz bands (1 & 2) and the CMHS Choirs did an extraordinarily fantastic job for the annual CMHS Jazz Cabaret. The Cabaret was 2 nights, with 2 performances each night, making a grand total of 4 shows that these musicians performed. The jazz bands played songs like “Salt Peanuts” and “Things Ain't What..

Jazz Cabaret

The CMHS music program is putting on a beautiful performance, just like an old-style jazz club. It will have not only Jazz Band, but also Choir! Dates: Tuesday the 5th and Wednesday the 6th of March Important information!! -There will be 2 performances each night, with a grand total of 4 shows you can attend...

Dance Team

Our Costa Mesa Dance Team has been busy with dancing with the teachers and going to the district dance invitation. At this invasion our team got to learn contemporary, hip- hop, and some cultural dance. We are extremely proud of our varsity caption Carolin for her rally hip- hop dance. Coming up is our May..

CMHS Drumline Competition

The CMHS Drumline performed their show “Discrimination” at Westminster High School for the ADLA (American Drumline Association) competition. They scored at 4th place out of 13 different schools. They got 3rd place in Musical effect, and 1st place in visual effect. They even went into this competition with an unfinished show. Congratulations to the CMHS..

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Drumline is Here

Drumline  The CMHS drumline has now hit the ground running with their show! Their show is intense and serious, titled “Prejudice,” and is based off of the Sneetches by Dr. Seuss. Students in drumline: Snares: Emma Erskine, Sean Wucker, & Reese Kelly Tenors: Han Nguyen, Donovan Roa, & David Martinez Bass Drums: Caitlyn Roum, Jackson..

How Big is Fortnite?

If you've ever heard of the worldwide game Fortnite it's because it's the biggest game out right now and it's still skyrocketing in people playing the game. According to a quick google search there are about 40 million people playing the game around the world. Fortnite is so popular that people live stream themselves playing..