The Newport Mesa School District has recently received all sorts of new upgrades. From installments to new course opportunities, to new members of administration, these changes have so far improved the campus. One of these new members is Nina Glassen, the new assistant principal for CMHS.

Glassen, coming from a  much larger school district, already appreciates the family community of Costa Mesa. “The big difference is just working for a tighter knit community where people know each other on a first name basis,” she says. “Right away I feel like it’s more of a family because it’s a smaller environment.” 

Even though she is already becoming accustomed to the school, there are, of course, difficulties she must face. Like Dr. Kwong, she says, “I think my biggest challenge is really understanding all of the systems that are different in NMUSD and getting to know the people.”  

Throughout her many years of experience, Glassen is set on keeping to her philosophies. “ I think my educational philosophy just in general is that students learn best when they are in an engaging environment,” she says. “I think learning should be fun [and] active. I’m really interested in getting students excited about learning.” 

But, with fun and excitedness must come discipline to keep order in classes. “[I think it’s just] about setting boundaries and having conversations about those boundaries and having consequences,” Glassen says. She also believes that students should be able to understand the reasons why they are being punished and be involved in creating the solutions for future situations. 

Not only is the size of the campus different from her old school, but her encounters with the students are different. “I think my favorite part is seeing students. I was in a district role before so I was not working as much with students. I like seeing the things that students are involved with in terms of academics,” she says. “I love seeing students at lunch just socializing. I love going to volleyball games and football games and I’m looking forward to the performing arts. I’m just happy to see kids again.”

Glassen also looks forward to meeting everyone and becoming more involved with school activities. “I’m super excited to be here and I already feel a connection to Costa Mesa High School and Middle School. [I’m] just really happy to be in the community and [looking forward] to [getting] to know students and to hopefully support the school in any way I can.”