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The 2020-21 Hitching Post Staff




Jewel is a straight-A student who fills her time reading, hanging out with friends, and spending time with family. As the editor of The Hitching Post, Jewel not only works hard, but also pushes others to strive for success. Even when she's not in the office, you can find her out on the soccer field encouraging her teammates.


Eli Weiss-Hung


Eli is an avid tennis fan and is co-captain of the CMHS tennis team. His other interests include playing the piano and following politics, which he writes about frequently.

muniz pic

Ava Muniz

Staff Writer

Ava is a lover of all types of writing and art, and she invests most of her free time into personal projects and spending time with friends. Her hobbies include writing, digital art, d&d, and annoying her cat.

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Gavin Fawcett

Staff Writer

My name is Gavin Fawcett. I participate in the collective effort of writing for the Costa Mesa Hitching Post, as well as play for our baseball team. I am an AP student and my hobbies are drawing, playing the guitar or bass, and playing or watching various sports.


Joakim Tysor

Staff Writer

I love sports especially basketball whether it be playing, watching, or writing about it. Another thing I really like writing about is school events whether it be for ASB or for sporting events.

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Tsega Yohanes

Staff Writer

Hi my name is Tsega Yohanes and aside from writing for ccmhs news I love to hike, I enjoy painting, reading, dancing, and playing sports. I play football and soccer.


Lena Nguyen


Bookworm and manga enthusiast, you'll find Lena glued to a good paperback or phone screen if she's not cooking or trying to cut down her mountain of homework. As an assistant editor, she always tries to inform herself on latest issues and trends.

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Courtney Roum

Staff Writer

My name is Courtney, and I am a freshman. Aside from writing articles, I love to go on runs, read fictional novels, and spend time with my family. I am also part of the cross country team here at CMHS!


Lilli Kaehler

Staff Writer

Hi! Nice to meet ya! I’m Lilli Kaehler, a writer for the CMHS.News website. I write about stuff going on in the different media and entertainment industries. When not doing so, I’m usually kicking back drawing and listening to music or play games. It all depends on my ever-changing mood.


Jason Strotman

Staff Writer

Hi, I’m Jason Strotman. When I am not writing, I enjoy acting or playing video games online. I'm excited to join the Hitching Post staff and look forward to helping build a quality publication.