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While many may not immediately know what Penniless was, they may still wonder by the few stickers they may see around the area. Penniless was a skater clothing company that was created by three students of Costa Mesa High School, Alexis Martin, Justin Fisher, and Thomas Kheiv.

The clothing brand started as a simple idea within the three students during their time skating. An idea turned into a possibility. All three invested in equipment and started Penniless Clothing Co. The company grew and did well for a while, and was pretty well known in the Costa Mesa area, but as time went on, members lost interest and the income just wasn't enough motivation to keep going.

Life hit the three members, and busier schedules made penniless more work than the three members could handle. This is when Penniless started to decline. They all three decided to cut their losses and halt the production of clothing.

While Justin Fisher and Alexis Martin remained close, due to some varying opinions Thomas Kheiv did grow away from the two. Thomas decided to start up his own clothing brand which is still operating today known as Splurgeā„¢. Alexis Martin and Justin Fisher followed more in their passions and have a photography company known as Martin Fisher Photography. As of today all three of the creators are once again friends.

Penniless will live on only in memory, and through the stickers that were stamped around the CMHS campus. All three individuals are doing well, and have found their true passions. As for penniless, the chapter is closed in the lives of the creators.


SplurgeUSA is the company owned and ran by Thomas Khiev

martin fisher

Martin Fisher Photography is the company owned and ran by Alexis Martin and Justin Fisher