After the first Mario movie was a box office bomb, you’d think Nintendo wouldn’t want the iconic plumber duo of gaming to be in the movie spotlight again, in fear of another box office failure. Yet, it’s happening. An animated Super Mario movie from the people behind Minions. What could be better? A lot of things.

Well, at least, the people over at Nintendo are very close with the production of the Super Mario movie. It’s going to be worked on by Illumination Entertainment. So… big red flag. 

If you didn’t know Illumination Animation relies on a “make it cheap” philosophy, spending less than 100 million dollars into their movies, and over 1 billion dollars into their advertising. So, how low can the bar exactly go? Well, I don’t know. 

“It’s not that we’ve asked Illumination to handle everything,” Franchise founder Shuntaro Furukawa mentioned in an interview with “Fast Company.” “Mr. Miyamoto is very, very hands-on with the production of this movie.”

So with Illumination on board with the production, what else could there be? Well, an entire cinematic universe full of animated movies on Nintendo properties. 

Yep… a full on NCU! (Nintendo Cinematic Universe)

After the launch of Nintendo’s Super Mario World theme park, it was probably eventual that a movie franchise was the next big step, but a full on series of movies, spinoffs, and a general universe off it? That’s definitely an interesting move.

 But consider this.

After the box office smash that was “Detective Pikachu,” it has opened a fair bunch of doors for other companies. Especially business opportunities. So, it would make sense for them to make movies, but how will it do with Illumination on their side? Will they find a way back to the movie market and crumble under the pressure? I suppose we’ll wait for it to pan out.