As many people know, COVID-19 has affected the economy immensely. For example, some restaurants are closing, South Coast Plaza has closed, parks are closed, and schools are shut down. Because of the lack of people getting out of the house (from social distancing) businesses are suffering from the drop of sales. 

House of Yogurt is one of the many small businesses in Costa Mesa that have been affected by the Coronavirus. “We are below 60% of what sales used to be. When you have such a decrease in sales it becomes difficult to pay rent and employees” Ida Garabedian, one of the owners of House of Yogurt says. Ida and her husband Johnny have been fighting their hardest to advertise their frozen yogurt, to get as much business as possible. “We have tried to post more on Instagram stories, and advertise delivery through Uber Eats and Postmates. We have sent specials to our customers who are signed up for rewards. But ultimately it will be the loyalty and support of our amazing community that will help keep our doors open” she says. House of yogurt is available for delivery, so if you feel like some delicious frozen yogurt and want to help them out, buy some! 

House of Yogurt isn’t the only small business affected by the Coronavirus. There are many lesser-known businesses out there that are fighting to keep their doors open. You can help out by maybe choosing a local family owned restaurant one day, instead of ordering from the usual In-N-Out or Chick-fil-a. Although those restaurants are very good, there are others that might need the business during these difficult times. Some of these could include Avila’s El Ranchito, Great Mex Grill, MoonGoat Coffee, Tres Muchachos, Native Foods, Memphis Cafe, Tandoori Indian Cuisine, and so much more. To see a complete list of restaurants that could be at risk of closing due to Coronavirus, visit Help your community, support local restaurants.


Picture Credit: Orange County Register