Everyday about 60 million water bottles are thrown away. Some of it ends up getting recycled, but not most of it. If we don’t find a solution then this could cause great harm to Earth and all its inhabitants.

Fortunately, Scientists have been working hard to fix this problem, and they just may have done it. Scientists have developed Ooho, an edible water bottle.

Ooho is an orb filled with water and it has an outer skin, keeping the water in. The outer skin is seaweed based, not only making it edible, but also biodegradable. 

It may be better for the environment, but you’re probably thinking it sounds disgusting. 

Fortunately, the creators of Ooho have thought of that. They also have flavored skins, making them taste better.

Unfortunately, Ooho is still in its early stages, and is only available in certain places, so it's difficult to get your hands on it. But hopefully everyone will be using them soon, so we can save the environment.