If you struggle in math, and want that perfect A+ grade, tutoring would be a great option for you. Luckily, CMMS/HS offers free tutoring for all 7th -12th grade students who need it. 

Math tutoring is available before school, at lunch, 7th period, and after school, except Wednesday before school (since it’s late start). The teachers consist of Bowden, Burks, Dean, Kallberg, Kellet, Kloppenburg, Marvicsin, Mashburn, Orduna, Poveda, and Skelton. To make an appointment, contact the teacher. For the full schedule, visit cmhs.schoolloop.com/tutoringprograms

Before scheduling a tutor, you need to make sure you have tried your best to understand the content in class, asked questions, and have really made an effort to understand before using a tutor. 

Once you schedule math help, you need to come prepared with your math book and a pencil, as well as specific questions about the content. There is a form you can fill out ahead of time, to make it easier for the teacher to understand what you need help with before you come. 

Get the math help you need, with Costa Mesa Middle School and High School’s tutoring program!