Do you want to strengthen your leadership skills, help your school and community, and have something to put on your college resume? If so, The LEO club is a perfect fit for you. 

LEO stands for Leadership, Experience, and Opportunity, and that's what this club is all about. Serving your community. The LEO club is the Lions Club International but for young youth leaders. 

The LEO club has been at many different schools, for quite some time. It first started in 1957 in Pennsylvania, and now Costa Mesa High School/ Middle School has the opportunity to start this amazing club too. 

You will have the opportunity to create your own service projects with a goal of helping the school and community. Not only does this club help you become a strong, responsible leader, but there are scholarship opportunities too! 

“Leos have grown into a dynamic force for good--actively providing their communities and the world with kindness and service” ( 

LEO is available for both middle and high schoolers. Learn more about LEO by visiting our table in the high school quad Thursday, or in the Middle School Quad on Friday.