Interviewing Mrs.Dean

Mrs. Dean is a Math 1 and 2 and AP math teacher. I have her for my 8th period math 2.  I personally didn't do well in her class in the beginning of the year, but I do enjoy the class even though I am over the day because it is the last class of the day. Mrs.Dean is truly passionate about what she teaches and I do see that Mrs.Dean loves to help others that don't understand math. She builds up their confidence towards math.


How did you know you wanted to become a teacher and why?

“I always wanted to a teacher because I would always want to play teacher when I was little.”

So basically you knew what you wanted to do? “ Yes!”

What do you love most about being a math teacher?

“ I love when students realize that math isn't evil after all haha…. And I get to open there eyes to realize that they do understand math”

I still don't understand math haha...

How was your college life? “The first couple yours were pretty hard, because I didn't know how to study and I was being lazy about it.” So you didn’t always do well in college ?

“Not really until I put my head into it”

What is your favorite class period? “ I think definitely period 7 math 1 class… because it's a really small class so I get to work with everybody individually.”

What is the funniest thing a student has ever done? “A student has tried to sell a phone that he had stolen from a teacher and tried to sell it back to the teacher he had stole it from.” Did he get in trouble?!?! “yes he did! He actually got suspended because the principle ended up finding out.”

Haha that’s so funny!

What is your favorite moment in your life?? “My favorite moment is when my first child was born.”

Thank you to Mrs. Dean for the interview.