How Much Is Too Much?

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Apple, a company known for… quality phones, computers, tablets and more are quickly becoming a company known for charging exorbitant prices for everything that it sells.  Case in point, their newest releases- the Pro Stand, which will put you $999 dollars in the hole, along with the Mac Pro Desktop (which bears resemblance to a cheese grater) and Pro Display XDR, which combined will cost around $11,000, give or take.

There’s some debate around the Pro Stand- is it really as overpriced as it seems? Some argue that its price is alright as is- after all, the real target demographic isn’t necessarily the everyday average consumer, it’s professionals who pay large amounts for products that they could get cheaper in order to try and obtain a better product. TV and film studios, for example.

Others say that regardless of the target demographic, it’s still far too expensive. Willingness to purchase expensive devices doesn’t necessarily mean the device is worth it or fairly priced.

Taking a look at other monitor stands, I’ve noticed that the pricing varies greatly. Some stands ranked #1 on tech websites were under $100 dollars (usually dual monitor stands, unlike the Pro Stand, which is for one monitor). The most expensive dual and even triple stands cost no more than half the price of the Pro Stand.

So it’s fair to say that this product is overpriced.

Can the same be said for other products though? Is Apple beginning to pump out products that are nothing more than cash grabs? Apple focuses on selling a small number of high-quality products, marketing them at a high-quality price, and leaving consumers with a desire to want more. This is the strategy that’s made Apple the most valuable company in the world- with com competition.