Want to leave your mark here at Mesa for future generations? CMHS’s Mustang Legacy Wall is where you can do just that. 

The Mustang Legacy Wall is where anyone can add a customized tile to a wall that will be seen by people now, and in the years yet to come. It is located at the entrance of the CMHS Mustang Field. 

The Mustang Legacy Wall Project started with the graduating class of 2015 when the stadium was being built. In the past, people have put things like their initials, the year they graduated, sports numbers, and things similar to that on their tile. 

You can order a tile through thatsmybrick.com/costamesahs, for $100 +$25 for graphic art. When you buy a tile, you are donating to the Costa Mesa High School Foundation.

The Foundation funds for things like arts programs, instruments, field trips, programs, and other educational opportunities, therefore when you buy a tile you are donating money to help the school improve. 

Help us memorialize our stadium, one tile at a time. 

legacy wall