Clash Royale is a game published by a SUPERCELL, who also own well-known games such as Clash Of Clans, Brawl Stars and Boom Beach. 

Clash Royale was released in 2016 with a rating of 4.5/5 stars on the Google Play Store as well as the App Store.

Clash Royale is a multiplayer PvP game. 

You have 3 towers and the first one to take the three towers or whoever has the most towers before the time runs out wins.

When you're in a game/battle you can hold 4 cards at a time, having a maximum of 8 cards in your “deck.”

Cards can consist of 5 rarities such as commons, rares, epics, legendaries and champions. 

You can only unlock the “champions” if you are level 14.

There are 15 different areas in the game. You can access the different arenas by winning a set amount of games, in which you receive trophies from. 

For example you have to have 5,000 trophies to get into the “Legendary Arena.” 

You can also join clans full of different users when you reach “king level 4.”

In addition to joining a clan, you can request cards from other teammates. So why has everyone just recently started to get back into the game? 

Many people, specifically students, have started to play again after the addition of the new cards coming every season, as well as the rewards that come in the battle pass every season.

There is also a new tournament every week to earn rewards from.