• 12:11 pm
  • Monday
  • March 1, 2021
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What Happened to Penniless

While many may not immediately know what Penniless was, they may still wonder by the few stickers they may see around the area. Penniless was a skater clothing company that was created by three students of Costa Mesa High School, Alexis Martin, Justin Fisher, and Thomas Kheiv. The clothing brand started as a simple idea..

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Interviewing Mrs.Dean.

Interviewing Mrs.Dean Mrs. Dean is a Math 1 and 2 and AP math teacher. I have her for my 8th period math 2.  I personally didn't do well in her class in the beginning of the year, but I do enjoy the class even though I am over the day because it is the last..

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Viral Egg

Believe it or not, an egg has taken the internet by storm, as well as Kylie Jenner's spot as the user with the most liked photo on the social media platform Instagram. world_record_egg is the page on Instagram that was started simply to break the record and has succeeded. The only post, posted on January..

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Social Constructs That Only Exist Online

Have you ever had that experience where a person claims something online, but you see them the next day and they’re totally different? Welcome to the ways of social media. Many people have experienced these awkward and sometimes confusing moments, but the worst of all is while in a relationship. When you're ready to “sadly”..

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Christmas Around the World

     Christmas is coming nearer and nearer everyday. Families have started decorating their Christmas trees and going shopping for presents. Kids are making wish lists for Santa and Christmas music is playing on the radio. Christmas spirit is in the air, and America is all prepared for the cheery holiday. People in other countries..