• 9:02 am
  • Wednesday
  • October 27, 2021

Author: Tsega Yohanes

7th Grade Girls Soccer Team

We have all heard about the 7th grade Middle School girl soccer tryouts,but the question is, who made it? Our athletes are Charlie Sabori, Yokanka Pardita, Tati Aguilar, Martha Martin Uribe, Lindsey Patino, Grace Boyce, Hannah Baker, Chelsea Vilchis, Tsega Yohanes, Sharlyn Hernandez, Citlali Zaragoza, Este Yuracia, Lorella Simon, Kate Jennis, Yamelhette Munoz, Jocelyn Culp,..

Iowa Caucus

The first round of voting for Iowa Caucus Goers began on February 3, 2020. The caucuses is the process of nominating a Democratic presidential candidate who will fight against Donald Trump in the end.  The race is made up of a bunch of contests called primaries and caucuses. These will take place in all 50..

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What’s Going On At OCC

What's Going On At OCC We’ve all seen the construction and we’ve all heard the noise. But, what is really going on?  As you know (or if you didn’t), Orange Coast College is remodeling and constructing new buildings. One of these very important buildings is the housing center, or on-campus housing, for OCC students. OCC..