Vip Week Wrap UP

Last week was middle school VIP week and it did not end up great for ASB. ASB only sold 85 tickets while expecting to sell the normal 200 or so.

The VIP week was: Monday - 2 free Club Mav rewards to use throughout that day, Tuesday had hot chocolate at nutrition, Wednesday had popcorn, Thursday had goodie bags, and finally Friday had 5 minutes early out to Santa's Village and 5 min late to your next class. 

ASB decided to go cheap on most of the items because they thought that everyone would buy because of the Santa's Village pass. Demand was far less than expected.

ASB spent 238$ and sold 808$ in tickets, so they turned a profit of  570$. Normally ASB tries to earn a profit of 1000$ or so, so it's safe to say ASB flopped with this VIP Week and will try and step it up next time.

From Maverick Ambassadors Instagram