• 5:31 pm
  • Thursday
  • August 5, 2021

Hard Loss For MS Basketball

On January 16th, the 8th grade boys basketball team played Harbor Day at Harbor Day’s homecourt. Unfortunately, the game ended up being a blowout win for Harbor Day with the score being 15-47.  “We did terrible, flat out we did terrible, but there's always the next game.” Ethan Porter, center for Mesa, said. Ethan, the..

Halo Dance Concert 2020

Coming up on the 30th of January is the Halo Dance for Autism concert in the Mesa gym. Halo is an organization created by Cami Marseilles in 2011 after her four year old son, Kai, began to show autistic-like symptoms and soon after her other son, Koa. Because of this, Marseilles wanted to help others..

Dancing with The Teachers

The 6th annual Dancing With The Teachers is coming up Friday, January 24th in the theater from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. This year's competition is a lip sync battle. If this is your first year participating in the dancing with the teachers, here’s a little rundown of what to expect. At the beginning of..

Finals Week Poem

Finals week The peak Of stress When students press Themselves to study   Tests unpassable Essays untolerable   Numbers Words Decimals Fractions Paragraphs   y=mx+b   It’s clear To all Who fear The call Of the morning bell During finals week   The test Is a task Unthinkable How many hours have past Since you..

CMMS VEX Robotics Club

The CMMS VEX Robotics Club has existed for four years, having been started in 2016. Under the supervision of Ms. Upthegrove, middle school students are given the opportunity to design, build, drive, and program robots using VEX pieces. There are about 20 kids involved in the 2019-2020 year. They have split into four teams to..

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Club Refuge

Have you ever wanted to learn more about God, The Bible and have free pizza? Come join Club Refuge, a club all about teaching kids about God and how you are loved.  The goal of Refuge according to Lazaro, The President of Refuge, “Is to bring in kids who aren’t close to god. They could..