• 6:30 am
  • Monday
  • March 1, 2021
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The Secret of Social Media

How much are you on social media? Do you spend more than 2 hours on Snapchat or Instagram? The ultimate secret of depression and anxiety is Social Media. Studies have shown that time spent on social media has been linked to depression and anxiety. According to Science Direct "We surveyed a nationally-representative sample of 1787..

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It’s Not Too Late Too Join Book Club!

Everyone has heard “Attention Maverick book club members,” at least once on announcements, but have you ever considered joining? Here’s everything you need to know. Book club meetings are held in room 281 (Mrs. O’Mara’s room) at lunch. There will always be a reminder when there is a meeting, so don’t worry, you’ll never miss..

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Hidden Jems @ CMHS — The recording studio

Hidden Jewels at Mesa: Recording Studio Did you know CMHS has its own recording studio? It does. It is located in the KMESA room, across from the attendance desk in the high school office. Most students don’t know this room exists. According to Mr. Hancock, teacher of the Journalism and Music Tech classes, “this recording..

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What’s Going On At OCC

What's Going On At OCC We’ve all seen the construction and we’ve all heard the noise. But, what is really going on?  As you know (or if you didn’t), Orange Coast College is remodeling and constructing new buildings. One of these very important buildings is the housing center, or on-campus housing, for OCC students. OCC..

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Vip Week Wrap UP

Vip Week Wrap UP Last week was middle school VIP week and it did not end up great for ASB. ASB only sold 85 tickets while expecting to sell the normal 200 or so. The VIP week was: Monday - 2 free Club Mav rewards to use throughout that day, Tuesday had hot chocolate at..

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Running Across The Country

Running Across The Country Cross country for middle school (7/8 grade) boys and girls is coached by Mrs. Uhl. Practices are Monday-Thursday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday practices are at the girls softball field. Wednesday practices are at the Mustang stadium. Practices start at 3:15 and end at 3:55. Cross country is a running sport. Anyone..

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Santa’s Village!

It's Christmas time at Costa Mesa High School! Santa's Village is coming to the dome on Friday the 13th! Come during lunch to support all of our clubs, and have the chance to see Santa Claus himself! Just like Club Rush, Santa's Village is a winter wonderland of snacks, food, beverages and much more. Come..

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School Shooting Threat

On December 3rd, 2019 a warning was issued all over the district about a school shooting threat at Estancia HS. No classes were cancelled but an increase of security came into play at not only Estancia, but the surrounding campuses. Costa Mesa authorities posted that they arrested 2 suspects, 18 year old Lenny Vega and..

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Teen Speech: A Teacher’s Point of View

If you ever take the time to walk around our campus, between classes, and listen to the people around you, you might find yourself listening to cruel words and foul language.  What got teenagers cursing, and what effects follow this foul language? This was the question pitched to some of our CMMS/HS teachers. 7th-12th grade..